The referring dentist's practice is a highly specialized and modern dentist's practice where are exclusively treated patients, sent from other dentist's practices and surgeons with the aim to get a highly specialized treatment.

We offer surgery and endodontological treatment on a highest quality level.

It is our aim to enlarge the treatment range of your dentist's practice without letting you as a treating dentist lose the contact to your patient.
Basically we operate only microsurgery with micro-instruments and dental microscope / magnifying glasses.
Video documenting
Direct insight in the treatments through perfect photo and video documenting in every Medical report.
Optimal therapy
Your patients will not get a one-way consulting, but on the basis of the wide range and different therapy spectrum in our house is found the optimal therapy for your patient - naturally always after agreement with you.
Accessibility through e-mail and telephone in case of requests within 24 h.
Working steps
You can follow up every working step, even in the case when you happen to have no in-depth knowledge in those areas.
Doing the internship
You can do your internship and learn in the course of the treatment.
We will not make the treatment without agreement with you.
We don't intent to keep your patients. We just want to work in the area of our specializations. Basically the patients will be sent back and you get access to the complete documents.

Mischa Ommid Steude

Master of Science in the area of Oral implatology (DGI) Four years specialization and deepening of his skills in a clinic in Copenhague, Danmark, with specialization in Implantology.

Special education in Microsurgery, post-graduate courses in the NYU Dentistry (New York, USA) and UCLA (Los Angeles, USA). Numerous hospitations and further educations with world famous distinguished experts: PD Dr. Dr. Michael Stiller (Berlin), Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury (Olsberg), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wachtel (München), Prof. Dr. Hürzeler (München), Dr. Werner Bolz (München), Dr. Otto Zur (München), Dr. Sasha Jovanovic (Los Angeles, USA), Dr. Paolo Malo (Lissabon, Portugal), Dr. Nils Lindner (Kopenhagen, Danmark), Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli (Bologna, Italy), Dr. Paul Allen (New York, USA), and many others. Curriculum Environment dentistry - Class of 2016 (DGUZ)

Jessica Wickert

Curriculum Endodontology (DGET)

Activity focus Endodontology

Mikrosurgery Special education

Hospitations and further educations with distinguished experts from Germany

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